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Design – Computer Aided Drafting Available!

If you want a vision of how your dream project will look, you definitely need to do buisiness at Derstler Lumber. Stop in and describe your ideas and the challenges you foresee to Darrell and he’ll use his expertise to produce a fully dimensioned CAD representation of the project. Imagine how much of the responsibility that will take off your shoulders. You’ll enjoy meeting and working with Darrell and your project will turn out better than you have even imagined.

Here’s how the process works:

Schedule an appointment to bring in your ideas, any measurements you have and, if you have them, pictures or sketches of something like you would like to achieve. Darrell will listen to your ideas and then guide you through thought processes to help pull those ideas together. During this initial consult Darrell will take notes and then schedule your design. At an appointed time Darrell will meet with you to discuss the first draft. Many of his clients have shared that his first pass “nailed it”, but if changes are necessary they will be scheduled during this visit and the process will repeat until he is assured that you have gotten exactly what you want.

The next stage of the process:

He will then discuss various materials and costs for the completed project. All very easy, all very affordable!

Our other services include:

Delivery, Rental, Screen and Storm Door Repair, Lock Re-Keying, Glass Cutting, & Custom Mix Paint